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Cher's Halloween Spectacular: October 31st, 2003. SkyDome Toronto, Ontario

My Cher experience began at the end of last month with a call from my parents asking if I wanted to see Cher's final concert on her Living Proof: Farewell Tour. Of course I said yes! Apparently months of listening to Cher's Greatest Hits C.D over and over and over again had not been missed by my Mum and Dad!

Ecstatic at the very idea of the mere possibility of getting tickets to see the Emmy, Oscar, and Grammy winning Super-Diva in concert, I could not sleep until I called my parents to find out that they had, in fact succeeded in getting tickets! I was going to see Cher!

The plans came together and the month of October passed so quickly. Before I knew it, It was Thursday, October 30th and I was on the way home from the city where I go to school. On the bus that evening, I listened to my Cher C.Ds for the duration of the 5-hour long trip. In 24 hours, I would be hearing some of my favourite songs being sung live!

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mother in the morning, and then hemmed my gypsy skirt in the afternoon. As it was Halloween, Cher had requested (via the SkyDome website) that her fans dress up to participate in the Halloween festivities. Dressing as a gypsy seemed liked the best choice for me, seeing as I love belting out an off-key version of Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves in the shower as the song plays on my stereo. The whole experience seemed completely unreal until I was in my costume and on the way to the SkyDome.

The Review
The opening acts were:
Sister Sledge, who sang 3 songs,
Thelma Houston sang 2 songs. (She is such an amazing performer!)
And, THE VILLAGE PEOPLE! The real Village People! The did about 5 songs, and ended off with their biggest hit Y.M.C.A, but before actually singing the song, they gave us all a lesson on how to do the Y.M.C.A properly. It was so much fun!
I swear, doing the Y.M.C.A to a liver performance by the original Village People was the coolest experience I had ever had... for about 20 minutes, until Cher came on stage! I screamed, I cried, and I smiled the biggest smile that was humanly possible.

It was all real, and I was there, watching "The Cherest Show on Earth"!

As with the previous 199 shows on the tour, Cher was lowered from the ceiling the the cage/chandelier thing singing Still Havent Found What Im Looking For, but instead of her traditional outfit, Cher was wearing a witch costume with feathers and glitter! It was gorgeous. If my pics turned out, I would share them with you, but unfortunately, the pics suck. At least they serve as a personal reminder of the best night of my life!

Cher's opening monologue was so cute! One of the guys in the audience was wearing a suit and hat that lit up. I'm being totally serious here! The guy had little red, blue, green, and yellow blinking lights on his suit. Cher looked at him, after explaining that the ring-master hat would not fit over her Halloween wig, and goes "What are you supposed to be? A Christmas Tree or something?!" The guy tried to explain, and Cher said that she couldn't hear him, although she tried, and finally she sighed "Oh God! You're a traffic light!"

But, my favourite lines in her monologue had to be when she was talking about being stuck hanging in the air, thinking about the depends commercial with her legs tightly crossed because she didn't care if she died by she was going to pee on her costume! And, of course: "FOLLOW THIS YOU BITCHES!"

Throughout the entire concert, I was on my feet, singing and dancing and having a blast. Although I love each and every song that was done, my favourite number was definately All or Nothing. The video clips were great, I enjoyed them all!

Half the fun was looking at the audience. There were so many amazing (and some disturbing) costumes. I have to admit, a lot drag queens there were really pretty as women! Some were scary, like the 7-foot tall guy in the Turn Back Time costume (fish nets and leather) with the beard, and the mermaid with the belly and chest hair and the moustache... Overall, everyone looked amazing, and everyone had a great deal of fun.

I got 2 T-Shirts! One if the Official Tour shirt that has the pic from the front of the Living Proof C.D and lists the cities visited on the back. Strangley though, Toronto isn't on there. My dad was like "You spent how much on that shirt?! After hearing that it was $45... my reply was "If it makes you feel any better, I'm going to have this shirt for the next 50 years!"

I also got an unofficial T-shirt ($10! woo hoo!) that is light blue with Cher and the butterflies on the front, and it says "Cher, Farewell Tour 2003" on the back.

I had an amazing night, and although I only have 13 blurry pics in which Cher is about 1cm tall, it was the most amazing experience of my life and If I Could Turn Back Time I would so do it all over again.
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