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Hey all, I'm Nik, its my first post, and of course, I <3 Cher!!! Ahhhhhhh!! Her voice, style, everything is just incredible, she's just the best! I'm so excited to have joined this community and finally get to meet more big cher fans! yayyy!

also, i need some extra money and have a cd i wanna sell, details under the

Okay, so i bought this cd, and its a lot of fun, but i do need some extra money, and after thinking hard about it, i've decided i can part with this cd.

It is...
"The Complete Tribute To Cher"
It's a two cd set of a cher tribute songs performed by Share & Share Alike. It's got 27 of cher's greatest hits and is truely fabulous :) The cd's are new, except for the plastic wrap around the cover. If your interested, you can email me at or IM me on AIM at hiza ashi, or just leave a comment in my journal.

Thanks guys! <3
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